aFe Diesel Elite

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What is the Diesel Elite Program?

  • It is an exclusive program for our preferred business partners to put profit back in your pocket.
  • It is an exclusive program with full coverage of all turbo diesel trucks with 32 part numbers.
  • It is an exclusive program that will have inventory available when our customers want it.
  • It is an exclusive program to add more “value” to a “high quality” product line.
  • It is an exclusive program to gain market share.

What are the Key Features the Diesel Elite

This program is not available to everyone. Only select “preferred business partners” will be invited to participate in this exclusive program. As members, you will be entitled to specific privileges, benefits and guarantees.


  • Wholesale and Retail Gross Margins
  • Availability of inventory and Priority to inventory
  • Minimal program changes for next 3 years
  • Fulfilment within 48 hours


  • Priority access to new product development
  • Special shipping and fright terms
  • Extended payment terms
  • Special website access and exposure


  • Lower jobber price
  • Deeper discounts
  • Extra value products
  • Marketing support
Elite vs Non-Elite